Terms & Conditions

Reservation is confirmed at time of booking. Payment is due Thirty (30) days prior to your reservation date. Cancellations made within Thirty (30) days of your arrival date with be charged one hundred percent (100%) of the paid reservation, even dropping days. If a new stay at home order for our county is announced sometime in the future that will interrupt your stay and you need to cancel but you’ve already paid in full, a full refund will be given less 3%. If a new stay at home order for our county is announced and you are mid stay, a full refund will be given for unused nights less 3%. There are no refunds due, regardless of cancellation cause, including but not limited to cancellation as a result of poor snow conditions, severe weather events, poor air quality, road closures, traffic delays, early departures, illness, injury, any Covid-19 related travel decisions when there is not an active local stay at home order, or mechanical breakdown.


Tahoe Mountain Properties accepts American Express, Mastercard, and Visa for payment. Payment is due 30 days prior to your stay.

An appropriate housekeeping fee will be added to the rental price of all vacation homes at the time your reservation is confirmed. This fee covers the cost of basic sanitary housekeeping and linens. The housekeeping fee is noted in your rental folio and is based on the size of the property and the sleeping capacity. A departure clean is performed after each check-out, including sanitizing the bathrooms and kitchen, light dusting, vacuuming and replacing linens, towels and personal convenience items. Additional cleaning, food and trash removal, and/or furniture re-arrangement will be charged to the credit card of record for the at a rate of $35/hour.

All Tahoe Mountain Properties rental properties are privately owned and individually furnished. All homes are represented to accommodate a maximum number of guests in beds comfortably. Some homes may also include additional sleeping arrangements such as sleeper couches or futons. All furnishings are cleaned, updated and upgraded regularly to provide each guest with the most comfortable vacation accommodations possible for the price. If you find any of the regular furnishing damaged or unsatisfactory, please notify Tahoe Mountain Properties of the deficiency immediately.

The Tahoe area is a continuously growing community. There are many construction projects underway in our area at any given time. We cannot guarantee that you will not be affected by construction noise and/or traffic. If you should be exposed to excessive loud music or bad language, please call our office and we will attempt to contact the contractor for remedy.

Each unit has its own individual pet policy. When a unit is pet free, there are to be no pets inside the homes, in the garage, on the decks or porches or on the surrounding grounds. Subsequent guests may be affected by or allergic to pet hair and/or dander. In the event we should find evidence of pets on the premises, all necessary cleaning measures will be taken to restore the home to a pet free environment. This cleaning includes, but is not limited to carpet, upholstery, and drapery cleaning at a minimum charge of $500. Please inform all members of your party and your guests.

All Tahoe Mountain Properties homes are smoke free. There is to be no smoking of any kind inside the homes, on the decks or porches, or on the surrounding grounds. In the event we should find evidence of smoking on the premises, all necessary cleaning measures will be taken to restore the home to a smoke free environment. This cleaning includes, but is not limited to carpet, upholstery, and drapery cleaning at a minimum charge of $500. The charge to pick up cigarette butts around the home is a minimum charge of $100. Please inform all members of your party and your guests.

Tahoe Mountain Properties offers extended office hours of 9am-5pm, daily. An after hours phone number will be provided and is for maintenance issues, which includes issues such as water damage, heating failure and lockouts. If you leave a message after hours and it’s a non-emergency, we will get back to you soon as possible within business hours to help with your request. Thank you.

All homes are equipped with phones for local phone calls if cell service in the area is not strong. Long distance phone calls are not permitted unless a phone card or other means of personal billing is used. Should there be any long distance charges to the rental property, these charges will be added to the credit card of record for your reservation.

Certain properties offer high speed internet access. Even if we advertise a property as having internet access, we cannot guarantee the internet service will function during your stay. Our rural community lacks reliable electrical, telephone and cable infrastructure, so signal availability and quality may be unsatisfactory. Our staff will assist you will connection issues only to the extent of their ability. Given the wide variation in computer operating systems, browser settings, security measures and user proficiency, we may be unable to answer your questions. We do not provide refunds if you are dissatisfied with the internet service.

All of our properties are equipped with at least one television and streaming capabilities. Tahoe Mountain Properties cannot guarantee against malfunction of the television, stereo, DVD or any other mechanical appliance as well as cable service malfunctions. Tahoe Mountain Properties will not refund any portion of rents for mechanical failure. Tahoe Mountain Properties will make every effort to have repairs made if possible.

In our mountain community most homes have steps and/or stairs and uneven grades. As such, we cannot guarantee complete ADA compliance for any of our properties. If your party has special needs, inform us when you make your reservation and Tahoe Mountain Properties will be glad to assist in any way possible to provide suitable accommodations. You are renting a private home owned by an individual property owner. Not all homes may accept ADA or ESA registered animals. Please inform us at the time of reservation if your party is bringing a service animal to a non-pet friendly home. We cannot guarantee accommodations.

Tahoe Mountain Properties homes offer many exceptional amenities. All homes are furnished with an appropriate supply of glassware, flatware, and dishes, as well as all necessary cookware and utensils and basic spices. All living areas and sleeping areas are furnished appropriately for the size of the home. (1) roll of paper towels and (3) rolls of bath tissue per bathroom are provided. Personal comfort items are provided as well as dish and laundry detergent. Each home has all necessary bed and bath linens. All homes have a washer and dryer or access, TV and a DVD player. If you have special culinary demands, please bring any additional cooking accessories that you may need. You may also want to bring any additional personal entertainment equipment, laptops, game players or other accessories for your stay. If you have booked an extended visit, you may wish to bring additional bed and bath linens, paper products or extra amenities. Coffee is not provided. Beach amenities are not always provided and are at the owner’s discretion, please inquire with Management.

Lake Tahoe and Truckee are rural towns with utilities routed over the mountains. We can experience power and service outages during storms and high winds. We appreciate hearing from you so we can pass on the information to the appropriate utility company. Resolution of the area wide outages is beyond our control. Please do let us know if you believe you are experiencing an isolated incident (for example, the neighbor’s lights are on and yours aren’t).

Tahoe Mountain Properties requires that guests report all damage immediately. Fire and water damage will need immediate attention and evaluation to determine any additional health and safety risk. Please, if you have any questions, call our office. Please report any problem with your unit to our office as soon as possible. We cannot help you or verify pre-existing damage if you wait until check out.

Renter agrees to pay the cost for lost pool keys, house keys, recreation cards, garage door openers etc. Upon departure, please double check to make sure all of these items are left where you found them. For homes with lock boxes, please put the key in the box flat, so the combination does stick. The cost to replace such items or open stuck lock boxes varies depending on system or home. The cost for lost garage openers is $50, pool keys $100 and house keys $25.

Tahoe Mountain Properties and our property owners make every effort to keep our properties and its equipment in proper working order. In the unlikely event that any system or appliance becomes inoperable, notify Tahoe Mountain Properties immediately. We cannot guarantee heating, appliances, cable service, television, etc. We will make every effort to repair any inoperable system or appliance as soon as is reasonable, given the nature of the failure. No refunds will be made for mechanical malfunctions or operator error.

This rental agreement is a legally binding agreement between the guest and Tahoe Mountain Properties. Your reservation and signed rental agreement bind you to a specific property for a specific period of time. There should be no expectation of refunds, rate adjustments, or relocation because you are disappointed with the property you have rented or in the event that something associated with the property is not working to your satisfaction. Tahoe Mountain Properties will make every attempt to correct any problem that arises during your stay in a timely manner. There are no refunds for poor snow conditions, severe weather, road closures, traffic delays, early departures, illness or injury or mechanical breakdown. In case of any reason beyond our control, Owner or Management may cancel this agreement and make refund in full to Tenant of all payments made.

Occupant agrees to comply with any and all rules and regulations that are at any time posted on the Premises or delivered to Occupant. Occupant shall not: (i) disturb, annoy, endanger, or interfere with other occupants of the building in which Premises located or its neighbors; (ii) use the Premises for any commercial or unlawful purpose including, but not limited to, using, manufacturing, selling, storing, or transporting illicit drugs or other contraband; (iii) violate any law or ordinance; or (iv) commit waste or nuisance on or about the Premises. Exceeding the number of occupants allowed in any one of our properties will result in eviction and forfeiture of any and all Rental Fees and Deposits. Absolutely NO Weddings or large planned Events without prior written consent, if such event takes place it will result in eviction and forfeiture of any and all rental monies.

You may check-in any time after 4 PM on the first day of your scheduled arrival. We must be certain that your rental accommodations are in safe and sanitary condition before you check in. If you have special needs, please contact our office prior to your arrival. Our checkout time is 10AM. Cleaning crews are scheduled immediately following your checkout to allow enough time to prepare the accommodations for the next guest. Please review our checkout checklist below to ensure that you do not leave any personal property behind and that you are not charged for any unnecessary extra cleaning charges. Check out and check in times during the busy months are firm.

Please put all dishes, glassware, and silverware into dishwasher. Please run the garbage disposal. Please run the dishwasher as you leave the unit. Please wash and dry all pots and pans and put them in their proper storage prior to departure. Take all trash to the metal dumpster or bear box outside. Please leave the used beds unmade and put all used bath towels on the bathroom floor. Turn off all the lights. Return all furniture to its original position in the unit. Please close and lock all doors and windows. Failure to comply with the above checklist will lead to additional cleaning costs that will be billed at $35/per hour.

Tahoe Mountain Properties gladly rents to families and responsible adults over the age of 25 years old. Our Liability Policy, set by historical industry precedent, prohibits Tahoe Mountain Properties from renting to groups under the age of 25 and/or to groups exceeding the maximum sleeping capacity listed for any individual home. This policy is designed to protect Tahoe Mountain Properties, the Homeowner, and the property itself from liability and/or actual damage from irresponsible tenancy and abuse. Tahoe Mountain Properties reserves the right to refuse accommodations to anyone who does not meet these criteria.

We will send you directions, home information and lock box code the Monday prior to your trip. If you need further information about the area or recommendations, please feel free to contact us.

ex: cribs, high chairs, etc.

If you have special, furnishing needs for your stay, please let us know in advance. Please discuss these needs with us at the time you book your reservation. We will be happy to recommend our preferred vendors for special needs.

Tahoe Mountain Properties is happy to offer concierge services to our rental guests. Please inquire for individual prices. Services offered include: grocery delivery, private yoga and massage, personal chef services, to name a few.

Each property is on a snow removal route, which generally begins at high elevation homes and ends at lake or town level. Tahoe Mountain Properties does not control snow removal operators, nor can we alter their routes. When you hear a plow truck, please move your vehicles from the drive way to facilitate snow removal. If you leave cars unattended in the driveway, the operator may skip your home, rather than risk damage to property. If necessary, you will find a shovel in the garage or on the porch. Please do not remove snow stakes as these are required for the plow operator’s safety. The homes steps and decks will be shoveled prior to your arrival. Any snow shoveling removal needed during your stay is up to the guest.

Neither Tahoe Mountain Properties or the owner of the rental unit can guarantee snow removal. Caltrans, County, Town and private snow removal companies may not be able to keep all roads and parking areas plowed at all times during significant snowfall. Equipment breakdowns may delay snow removal for periods of time. Tahoe Mountain Properties is not responsible for snow removal of lack thereof during your stay. Please be aware that a 4-wheel drive vehicle is strongly recommended in Tahoe during the winter. The cost of towing during your stay is your responsibility.

Renter understands, agrees and releases Tahoe Mountain Properties and the property owner from all liability. Renter understands that he is traveling to a mountain destination where he may encounter dangerous wildlife or participate in strenuous activity that may result in personal injury. Renter understands that this property may be near a busy road, there is no lifeguard on duty at most of our community beaches and takes full responsibility for the safety of his minors.

Guest Verification: I give permission to SafelyStay, Inc., to verify my identity, and check criminal databases in order to confirm my reservation. Complete terms regarding Safely’s guest verification can be found at Please contact Safely at, or go to, if you have any questions.

Trust and Safety: The SafelyStay, Inc. Trust and Safety Fee includes up to $10,000 of coverage for contents damage and up to $100,000 coverage for property damage and bodily injury. Complete terms regarding the Trust and Safety coverage can be found at The Trust and Safety Fee is refundable only if the reservation is canceled in writing at least twenty-four (24) hours prior to arrival date. Any deductible or minimum claim amount will be the responsibility of the Guest, and Tahoe Mountain Properties will process using the form of payment on file for Guest.